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Shop extension


This extension provides basic features for a webshop implementation:

  • Products
  • Categories
  • Customer area
  • Checkout
  • Cart etc.

Available integrations

Adobe Commerce CE

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To add this extension to your Falcon-based app install it in the server directory:

# installs shop extension
npm install --save @deity/falcon-shop-extension
# installs shop extension
yarn add @deity/falcon-shop-extension

and add extension and module (in this example it's Magento2 module) to the configuration of the server:

"extensions": {
// enable shop extension by adding it to "extensions" object
"shop": {
"package": "@deity/falcon-shop-extension",
"module": "magento2" // must match an module name set in "modules" object below
"modules": {
"magento2": { // must match "config.module" from shop-extension configuration
"package": "@deity/falcon-magento2-module",
"config": {
// magneto2 specific configuration goes here