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Billing details

Company information

Your organization billing details can be managed by users that have been assigned to the Billing Manager user role or Owner user role.

Tax information

When your organization was added to the Deity Platform, the legal and tax information about your organization was entered by our sales team. This legal and tax information is used by us to determine the invoice rules we need to apply. Hence, you can't change this information.

However, if you want to change this information, for instance because your organization’s billing subsidiary has changed, you can contact our sales team to have the required changes processed.

Primary contact

You may still change the primary contact’s details, which Deity will use to display on the invoices and contact if needed.

Billing methods

Your organization can have multiple payment methods stored in their account. These payment methods are used to process payments for periodical invoices, such as recurring subscription fees and additional usage based fees that are not included in the recurring subscription fee. If you’re not sure about your subscription fees and additional fees, please consult our sales team.

Payment processing

Payments are processed by our payments partner Stripe. We don’t collect or store any creditcard information ourselves.

Primary creditcard

You can set a newly added creditcard as your primary card. When we’re collecting the invoice payments, we’ll first try via the primary creditcard. If this fails, for instance because of insufficient funds, we’ll try the next stored creditcard in line. Therefor, we recommend you to save at least two payment options. One for primary usage, the other(s) as back-up payment method.

Stripe may not be able to collect the amount due, because of various reasons. We’ll inform you when needed about the ways Stripe has tried, and was unable, to collect the recurring subscription fees and / or additional usage based fees.