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Users & user roles

When you go the the users section, you’ll see a complete list of registered portal users for your organization. Each user is assigned to a user role, which grands them access and usage permissions to corresponding sections of the console.

Inviting new users

On all subscriptions plans, you can invite as many users as you require. However, you need to be assigned to the role of Owner or Administrator to invite new users to your organization’s project(s).

Click the Invite user button to send an invitation to a new user that wants to join your organization’s project teams. Input their personal details and specify to which role they should be assigned. You can choose one out of the following user roles.

User roles

  • Viewer Can view all sections and not edit or manage any of it. Exceptions are Billing and Payments sections, which are not accessible for users assigned to the Viewer role.
  • Editor Can view all sections, except Billing. Additionally, can edit Environment settings, manage Builds, manage Integrations and manage Payments. An editor can be seen as a member of your development team.
  • Billing Manager Can view all sections, except Payments. Additionally, can manage the Billing section.
  • Admin Can manage all sections, except the Logging and Billing sections which are read only. Additionally they can update Project and Organization sections only partially.
  • Owner Can manage all sections, except the Project and Organization sections, which they can update only partially.

Users with role Admin and the account Owner can always change user roles later on.

Updating organizations, projects & environments

Since organizations, projects and the number of environments are coupled with the current subscription plans, it is only possible to change these configurations by contacting our sales team.