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By default you can use three environments per project. If you need more environments for your development, you can request an additional environment. Depending on the requirements, we will then configure the new environment to your needs.

Environments & regions

You can request additional environments, for example an extra development environment to suit your workflow, via the home screen of your project.

The project region is applicable to all environments. Available options at this moment are Europe (EU-W4), United States (US-C1) or Australia (AU-SE1). You can request a migration of your project region via our customer support.

Build & deploy

Each environment can be used to deploy your created Deity apps to. So every time you push changes to your Git repository, Deity Cloud will receive a signal from your Git provider and starts building the Deity app. When the build is successfully completed, you can select it to deploy it to one of your environments.

Read more about builds & deployments →

Custom domains

Every environment uses an internal Deity Cloud URL, something along the line of:

You can always access the internal URL for review and development purposes. Additionally, you can set multiple custom domains per environment. For instance, you want to use to point to one of the environments.

You can set this in the Storefront → Domains section.