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Embedded checkout


The BigCommerce Embedded Checkout allows customer to load an iframe version of the checkout. The benefits to this is it supports all the features and payment methods BigCommerce supports out of the box.

How to use

To use the BigCommerce Embedded checkout you simply need to add it into your checkout components.

With our core app this will be:


1. Import the component

import { EmbeddedCheckout } from './components';
Check the component exists

Out of the box you should have a client/src/pages/shop/Checkout/components/EmbeddedCheckout.js file. If not, please create a new app using @deity/create-falcon-app and grab it from there. This is specific to demo-v2

2. Get the embedded checkout URL

Our cart query can have extra params passed to it to grab the embedded checkout iframe URL needed to render the checkout.

Find CartQuery in the Checkout.js file.

It should look something like this:

export const CartQuery = props => {
return <FalconCartQuery fetchPolicy="cache-and-network" {...props} />;

Change this to add variables={{ includeEmbeddedUrl: true }}

export const CartQuery = props => {
return <FalconCartQuery fetchPolicy="cache-and-network" variables={{ includeEmbeddedUrl: true }} {...props} />;

This will return cart.embeddedUrl with the query.

3. Render the component

Find EnsureCanProceedCheckout in the Checkout.js file.

This should be wrapped in CartQuery from step 2.

After the checks against the cart having items you can add:

if (cart.embeddedUrl) {
return <EmbeddedCheckout url={cart.embeddedUrl} />;

So it will end up something like this:

return (
{({ data: { cart } }) => {
if (!cart || cart.itemsQty === 0 || cart.items.length === 0) {
// try to restore the cart if you can
if (!called) {
return <Loader />;

// If we have a cart but the items haven't loaded
if (cart && cart.itemsQty !== 0 && cart.items.length === 0) {
return <Loader />;

// We can't restore the cart or there are no items
return <Redirect to="/cart" />;

if (cart.embeddedUrl) {
return <EmbeddedCheckout url={cart.embeddedUrl} />;


The embedded checkout requires you to pass the correct channel ID in your BigCommerce API config.

The host for this channel must match your app.

If you're developing locally please follow the notes in the BigCommerce docs.