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Supported features

We have covered all features essential for cart promotions, product promotions, coupon and loyalty programs. Our Talon.One integration is actively being developed and our feature support is being regularly updated.

Customer Profile

  • Synchronize shop profile mutations with Talon.One CustomerProfile

Cart Synchronization

  • Synchronize shop cart mutations with Talon.One CustomerSession
  • Synchronize Talon.One CustomerSession promotion effects with shop cart
  • Open/close/cancel Talon.One CustomerSession based on shop cart/order status mutations


  • Map effect TalonOne effect gifted_item to
  • Validate applied promotions while making placeOrder mutation


  • Apply/remove coupon codes from Talon.One CustomerSession
  • Apply/remove/generate referral codes from Talon.One CustomerSession

Custom Events

  • Track Profile Events
  • Track Session Events