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Overriding components

Only override what you need

We will occasionally be pushing changes to our components. If they have been overridden you won't automatically get these changes when you upgrade.

Falcon Platform makes overriding components very simple.

Within the client directory you'll find a moduleOverride.js file.

You can use this to override components pulled in from external packages.

module.exports = {
'<original_file>': '<new_file>',

So to override a UI component from @deity/falcon-ui it would look like this:

module.exports = {
'@deity/falcon-ui/dist/components/Input': 'src/components/Input',

Fixing imports

It's worth noting that you may need to change some of the imports from relative to absolute:

From this:

import { Icon } from './../Icon';

To this:

import { Icon } from '@deity/falcon-ui';

Watch our 'how to' guide